Make Meaningful Work

"Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter" 


“Soft skills” also referred to as competencies, power skills and human skills are critical to help:

1. Build Authentic Character   

2. Mature Adaptive Leadership and 

3. Align Culture to cultivate healthy interactions and relationships.

Our Framework and Tools helps Spot, Learn and Practice relevant Transferrable Soft Skills and the Micro Actions needed.

Character, Leadership, Culture

To Make Meaningful Work

Motivation, Moments, Mindset & Attitude

To Build Authentic Narrative

Authenticity, Adaptability,   Alignment

To Prepare for Readiness for Constant Change


A Learning Platform to Develop 21st Century Transferable Soft Skills

20th century legacy includes fixed mindsets, organisational hierarchies, bureaucracy slowness and risk aversion. All this negatively impacts creativity and processes that results in slow improvement.

Individuals, teams and organizations are not keeping up or ready for the critical changes.

We discovered that most of us want to spend more time on meaningful work and work with teams that are engaged in making that happen. Projects where our skills and practice strengths are working well together that encourage us to learn, improve and thrive.

This is a book about how we can take ownership of ourselves, our team and our organisation by taking micro actions to shape the desired culture and behaviours to insert meaning into what we do.

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Three Pillars to Make Meaningful Work

In this course, you will learn the connections of 1. Character refers to the values and moral qualities that act as our inner compass. Character is made of the traits that describe who you are. 2. Leadership does not come from title or ranking alone. Everyone can embody a leadership spirit and this can manifest in different forms, times and places (Contextual Leadership).  3. Culture is made up of the interactions and relationships between people at work.

Enhancing Cognitive Adaptability to Lead Innovative Cultures

In this course you will learn how to spot the transferable soft skills (practices) that you need to enhance, practice effectively using contextual micro actions to “insert meaning using practices to the moments that matter” at work based on the Make Meaningful Work book’s framework and tools.

Transcending from User Research to Lead Meaningful Cultures

Solutions are often driven from an inside perspective by not taking into account the customer needs leading to wasted efforts that have no meaningful outcomes for the organization and customers. This program explores tools to understand customers more deeply in connection to needs, pain points, unrealised opportunities and differentiation.


MMW Studio

Participants attend the MMW Studio rather than a traditional classroom setting to experience, practice and rehearse the learnings in a creative, engaging and fun way. Participants are also supported by an online learning experience for out of studio learning and reflections.

Participants in our courses may receive:

A copy of the Make Meaningful Work Book

Outlines the MMW framework & top 10 practices, Tools including Practice SpottingTM, the MMW Guided Practice Journal and MMW Studio Experience.

A copy of the Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal

To explicitly record, reflect, practice, and sustain practices in key moments as related to your own “authentic narrative”.

Practice Cards

Example practice cards to use after the completion of each module to practice micro actions in context at work.


Our tools including Practice Spotting(™) & MMW Guided Practice Journal to record experiences, reflect and make practices to track outcomes and “insert meaning into moments that matter”


In person and online learning and development modules suitable for various audiences to dive deeper into topics and practices.

MMW Studio

Participants attend the MMW Studio rather than a traditional classroom setting to experience, practice and rehearse the learnings in a creative, engaging and fun way. Participants are also supported by an online learning experience for out of studio learning and reflections.

How does it work?
Take Ownership of Learning

Based on roles to practice to encourage self initiated learning to suit your specific outcomes. We use a light approach so you can focus on practising your micro exercises.

Micro Exercises

To insert meaning into what you do. Deepening the practices from the learning adventures.

Facilitated Online & Offline Courses

Turning Words into Actions in the MMW Sparkle Studio with interactions supported by facilitators and participants.

Tools to Connect & Contextualise

Tools to help Record, Practice, Reflect, Track and Sustain Learning. Listen to stories to do “Practice Spotting™” to identify meaningful practices to do Character Building and make Adventures together.

Reflect with a Buddy

To gain deeper practice and encourage self leadership. Use the “Make Meaningful Work™Guided Practice Journal” to Take explicit moments for reflection, to better understand those practices, to document Practice Cards for sustainable impact over time.


Experience the Make Meaningful Work Learning Platform

Traditional learning is hard to sustain in a practical context after we acquire the necessary skills. Athletes spend thousands of hours practicing the fundamentals needed to do advanced routines. 

Using the Make Meaningful Work framework and tools, the major proportion of this is to facilitate and support sustained learning through:

  1. Micro exercises you create for the context you need it in.
  2. Tools like Practice SpottingTM and the
  3. Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal.
  4. A buddy to practice and reflect with so you have the support to continue.
  5. A global community you can connect with and rely on to get mutual support.
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