Widening perspectives through multiple lenses.

A Learning Platform to Develop 21st Century Transferable Soft Skills

20th century legacy includes fixed mindsets, organisational hierarchies, bureaucracy slowness and risk aversion. All this negatively impacts creativity and processes that results in slow improvement.

Individuals, teams and organizations are not keeping up or ready for the critical changes.

We discovered that most of us want to spend more time on meaningful work and work with teams that are engaged in making that happen. Projects where our skills and practice strengths are working well together that encourage us to learn, improve and thrive.

This is a book about how we can take ownership of ourselves, our team and our organisation by taking micro actions to shape the desired culture and behaviours to insert meaning into what we do.

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From Sleepwalking to Sparkle
By Daniel Szuc

Dan strings together stories from his childhood, his early working years, and his recent past to shed light on the problems he sees facing project work today.

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Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World
By Whitney Quesenbery & Daniel Szuc

Global UX: Design and Research in a Connected World discusses how user experience (UX) practice is changing and how practitioners and teams...

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The Usability Kit
By Gerry Gaffney and Daniel Szuc

The Usability Kit contains a binder with nearly 400 pages of information on exactly how to make your sites usable.

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