"Practice Spotting" to Make Meaningful Work

A Catalyst to Shape Healthy Cultures

The Program

The "Practice Spotting" Tool finds practices and modules shaped to meet the needs of individuals, teams and organisations for improved sustainable behavioural impact.

Practice (3)

3 Modules to introduce the "Make Meaningful Work" Academy and the "Practice Spotting" Tool to "connect and contextualise" to your work and the Practices , Modules and Progress Criteria relevant to your needs.

Habit (10)

10 Modules to spark the Founding, Fostering and Sustaining of Critical Practices that expand on the "Make Meaningful Work" Academy for sustained meaningful impact.

Culture (60 +)

Complete access to all 60 + Modules in the "Make Meaningful Work" Academy to experience a continuous learning culture covering practice, habit and culture. 


A regular learning event series to help us answer how we can "Make Meaningful Work"?

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