"Make Meaningful Work™ Sparkle Studio"

is a Learning Platform where you can Develop 21st Century Skills

We unlock your full potential for all roles to "Connect & Contextualise" to insert meaningful outcomes in your work.

It encapsulates a learning experience that moves beyond content delivery and is a self initiated learning process that helps you be aware on what to learn and sustain forward.

Critical Challenges We Are Facing

The MMW Sparkle Studio provides the following 5 benefits:

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Plug in the Sparkle Studio to meet your outcomes with these benefits.



Sparkle Studio offers Adventures to prepare people for 21st century global challenges.

  • Customised learning to suit their roles and outcomes
  • Opportunities to grow in a structured manner
  • Lite programs that do not take too much time
  • Promote interdisciplinary ways of working and learning together
  • Connection to the vision, mission and values in practice
  • Access to mentors to help mature cultures at work
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Promote a roles and outcomes based learning and development platform
  • Sustainable learning and development programs to lead forward

Learning Adventures

Learning Adventures

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