Spot Practices, Record Experiences, Reflect & Track Progress of Outcomes.

Seven steps to do Practice Spotting™
Identify a unit of analysis

Uses stories to help observe, unpack, and understand what’s happening within and around you.

Use relevant lenses

To advance potential and widen perspectives in work cultures.

Practice Spotting explicit and implicit practices

Acquire knowledge about what is under the surface and make practices explicit by recording them on a Practice Card.

Write a Practice Card to connect and contextualise

Identify and extract a practice to record on a Practice Card. 

Take ownership and practice

Pairing with another person to gain diverse perspectives and to practice together. 

Reflect with a buddy

The “Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal” helps to record, apply, reflect and track progress of practices and meaning outcomes.

Get support and support others in the global “Meaning Maker Community”

Facilitators you can turn to practice and improve over time.

Practice Spotting™

Organisations focus on training people on hard skills but on the other hand employees put heavy reliance on transferable soft skills that we call practices. These transferable soft skills are acquired implicitly over the years to deal with problems they are facing in their jobs. We do not recognise the importance of implicit practices (transferable soft skills) and we do not have a structured way of spotting and acquiring these implicit practices. 

So we need a tool to help us learn how to spot the implicit practices and make explicit reflections, learn and develop self directed learning practices. A tool that encourages us to “connect and contextualise” the practices and insert meaning into what we do in a sustainable manner - this is the driving goal of the Practice Spotting™ Tool.

Practice Spotting™ is an observational and sensemaking tool that enables you to widen and deepen perspectives and challenge your assumptions to uncover the implicit practices. It also uncovers the hidden learning opportunities from people in your life, the stories that you hear, the books and articles that you read, the films and videos that you watch and the conversations that you have.

We developed this tool as we observed individuals, teams and organisations at work to:

  1. Be more aware of the behaviours of the self and others.
  2. See what the implicit and explicit practices are around you.
  3. Uncover the practices that you want to strengthen.
  4. Embody the explicit interactions and behaviours you want to promote in yourself, team and organisation.
  5. Take ownership of learning, practice and sustain the implicit practices (transferable soft skills) to promote the culture that we desire.

Make Meaningful Work™ Guided Practice Journal


Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal Tool

The Make Meaningful Work Guided Practice Journal records observations and provides explicit moments at which to stop, be present, reflect on and record what you have learned as a result of the experience of working with others.

The practice of keeping a journal helps us to:

  • Gain a much clearer understanding of ourselves.
  • Experience how an open and safe workspace feels like.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the people with whom we are working with.
  • Develop practical methods (in the form of practice cards) that help us learn and apply these practices.
  • Connect with others who may have interests in similar topics, practices, or themes.
  • Continue to apply practices you feel strongly about.
  • Understand capability gaps and what is needed to enhance and improve them.

Our Journal Instruments include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities Map
  • Character Cards
  • Narrative Cards
  • Story Cards
  • Notes Cards
  • Spotting Cards
  • Practice Cards
  • Practice & Progress Cards
  • Learning Portfolio
  • Meaning Canvas
Micro Exercises to Apply Immediately into your work

Use the Practice Cards to record micro exercises to apply immediately into your work. The Practices are derived from stories and the exercises help to connect and contextualise the practice into your work, move from words to actions and build character to insert meaning into what you do.


Sustain with the Make Meaningful Work™ Global Community

We have a range of Global facilitated and non facilitated learning and development Adventures and Events based on a range of outcomes to suit your practice needs. 

Roles & Responsibility Map

Helps you see the connections between the roles you play, the values & outcomes you seek and the Character Traits and Practices relevant for you and any Practice gaps you may need to address over time.  This applies to both individuals and teams.

Character Cards

Helps you build your character by enabling you to add dimensions and depth, reflect and project forward the qualities you want for your character.

Note Cards

Used to take notes and make observations as you listen to stories and record keywords or key practices you observe in stories.

Spotting Cards

Helps you take the key observations from the notes and story cards and to help you apply lenses to spot the meaningful practices and outcomes that can connect and contextualise into what you do.

Practice Cards

Are like a recipe card that describes a practice, relevant exercises for that practice, and the behavioral benefits that can result from adopting a practice individually or as a team.

Story Cards

Reveals what is happening under the surface of each role, or character, in the story and  where their real behaviors and motivations.

Progress Cards

Helps to track your exercises and how these are being applied in your own work contexts.

Meaning Canvas

To record the people, places and practices that have meaning to you and the community with.

Learning Portfolio

To collect all your reflections and to summarize those practices and other topics you would like to learn and what you would like to teach over time.

Learning Adventures

Learning Adventures

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