Sparkle Studio

Prepare youth for the 21st century with transferable soft skills through an energetic, creative and collaborative experience.

Do you want your:

Do you want your:

What is Sparkle Studio?

Sparkle Studio is both physical and online and encapsulates a fun practice and learning experience where people can:

  • Get to know each other in a different setting in a cross and interdisciplinary manner.
  • Have opportunities to learn from each other.
  • Use the Make Meaningful Work tools to observe and practice the implicit practices that can be connected and contextualised into real work.
  • Have a structured and explicit way to reflect together.
  • Rehearse and set the culture the team wants.

The learning programs and how to make your own studio are hosted and run by professionally trained facilitators. Our goal is to support and train other people to become facilitators of your own Sparkle Studio to Make Meaningful Work in your own teams and organisations.


Sparkle Studio helps participants to:

  1. Enable Active Listening
  2. Build Awareness
  3. Spark Curiosity
  4. Solve Ambiguous Problems
  5. Foster Quality Relationships
  6. Contextual Adaptability
  7. Promote Diversity
  8. Navigate Complexity
  9. Build confidence
  10. Make Meaningful Decisions

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