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Do you want your:

What is Sparkle Studio?

Sparkle Studio prepares youth by learning 21st century transferable soft skills.

We facilitate this via an immersive experience by making a TV Talk Show together.

We do this together with participants in a safe, fun, creative, energising and collaborative environment. 


The Studio provides an opportunity for participants to build character, leadership and communication and language skills by:

  • Creating a studio team to plan, rehearse, produce and lead the making of a TV Talk Show on topics they care about in English
  • Playing different roles in the Sparkle Studio like Guest, Host, Director, Camera and Editor etc. by applying relevant leadership skills for those roles
  • Gaining knowledge of the topics by learning how to do research on these topics they care about. 
  • Recognising critical soft skills in the development of the leadership and character that's respectful and relevant to the culture in the Sparkle Studio
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