Practice Spotting™

Take Micro Actions to Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter.

What is Practice Spotting™

Practice Spotting™ is an observational and sensemaking tool that enables you to widen and deepen perspectives and challenge your assumptions to uncover the implicit practices. 

It also uncovers the hidden learning opportunities from people in your life, the stories that you hear, the books and articles that you read, the films and videos that you watch and the conversations that you have.

Experiencing Practice Spotting™

Persona - Jeff

“Broaden your perspective on how each person perceives and approaches a situation and the benefits and challenges that comes with it”


We developed this tool as we observed individuals, teams and organisations at work to:

  • Be more aware of the behaviours of the self and others in various contexts
  • See what the implicit and explicit practices are around you
  • Uncover the practices that you want to strengthen
  • Embody the explicit interactions and behaviours you want to promote in yourself, team and organisation
  • Take ownership of learning, practice and sustain the implicit practices (transferable soft skills) in various contexts to promote the culture that we desire

Apply Micro Actions Immediately

Bring in any problems you are facing or topics you are interested in to have a clearer understanding of the Micro Actions to apply the soft skills to “Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter”.

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