Practice Spotting™

"Take Action to Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter

What is Practice Spotting™

Practice Spotting™ is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance observation, sense making, and problem solving for individuals, teams, and organisations. It facilitates the process of “inserting meaning into Moments that Matter” by:

  • Expanding Perspectives - Encouraging broader and deeper viewpoints and uncover blind spots.
  • Detailed Analysis - Breaking down observations into deeper and nuanced details.
  • Awareness - Increasing awareness of self and others’ behaviours &  conduct to bring attention to our interactions and relationships with people.
  • Reflection - Provides a a structure to reflect and take actions.
  • Challenging Assumptions - Encouraging exploration of both existing and alternative conduct.
  • Actionable Recording - Documenting practices to facilitate better decision-making.
  • Performance Measurement - Assessing practices based on seven key elements of SPARKLE—Supportive, Proactive, Adaptable, Respectful, Kind, Listening, and Engaged.

Practice Spotting™ heightens our sensory awareness and promotes a deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings.

It enables us to identify and address blind spots and assumptions, adding new dimensions to our perception and interpretation of situations.

Experiencing Practice Spotting™

Persona - Jeff

“Broaden your perspective on how each person perceives and approaches a situation and the benefits and challenges that comes with it”


For Individuals, Teams, and Organisations:

  1. Cultural Problem Identification - Identifies cultural issues that matter, paving the way for effective solutions.
  2. Highlighting Crucial Moments - Pinpoints "Moments that Matter" where problems manifest.
  3. Actionable Improvements - Defines specific actions and practices to strengthen and immediately apply to enhance organisational culture.
  4. Ownership of Practices - Encourages taking responsibility for practices in key moments to prioritise and sustain positive behaviours, effectively “Operationalising Great Work Cultures.”

Making Culture Actionable with Practice Spotting™

Practice Spotting™ allows you to bring forth any problems or topics of interest for clearer understanding and actionable steps. It focuses on applying soft skills to “Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter,” thereby making culture not just a concept but a tangible, actionable framework for continuous improvement.

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