“Operationalise Great Work Cultures in Moments that Matter"

Culture is potent. Culture is the glue that binds strategies, teams, and operations, enabling effective collaboration and swift adaptation to change.  It has the power to make or break an organization's strategy. 

In the dynamic world of projects, uncertainty in markets and technology advancements, where effective collaboration across different functional teams is crucial, culture plays a pivotal role and at the heart of every successful project lies a vibrant, well-defined culture. 

CultureOps™ provides a practical approach to make cultures actionable in day-to-day processes and tasks, ensuring that every effort is meaningful and impactful in moments that matter.

Why Operationalising Great Cultures Matters?

Projects offer unique opportunities to foster collaboration and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. However, to truly harness the power of cultures, it needs to be operationalized and transformed from an abstract concept into concrete actions and practices. Our approach focuses on defining the conduct and relevant practices that people can apply immediately, addressing cultural problems and converting them into actionable improvements faster.

Moments to Apply CultureOps™

Operationalising cultures is a dynamic and ongoing process that needs to be nurtured and adapted as the organization evolves. By focusing on Moments that Matter, you can create strong and resilient cultures that positively influences all aspects of the organization.

Examples of Operationalising in Specific Moments:

  • During Significant Changes - Such as during mergers, leadership changes, or significant shifts in strategy.
  • At Regular Intervals - Implement cultural practices during routine operations such as meetings, evaluations, and daily interactions.
  • After Major Milestones - Post-project reviews or after achieving significant goals can be great opportunities to reinforce or reassess cultural practices.
  • Onboarding - Integrate cultures right from the start by using onboarding sessions to embed core values and expected behaviors.
  • Crisis Management - Ensure that responses to crises uphold and reflect the organization's core values, serving as a testament to its commitment to its cultures.

CultureOps™ Makes Culture Actionable

To bridge the gap between hard and soft skills, we introduce CultureOps™. This methodology applies recorded, customized, and measurable practices and micro actions in "Moments that Matter" to address your specific problems efficiently and effectively. By operationalizing great cultures through CultureOps™ you can achieve immediate and improved results.

Benefits of CultureOps™

By implementing CultureOps™, you will:

  • Understand and Cover Cultural Problems into Opportunities - Gain insights into the critical problems in cultures, how to address them and convert them into measurable micro actions.
  • Define Pivotal Moments - Identify and measure "Moments that Matter" where micro actions can be implemented.
  • Enhance Collaboration - Connect diverse teams and departments to optimize strategy and operations.
  • Map Practices to Work Processes - Integrate these practices into your work processes to make meaningful work together.
  • Define and Measure Practices - Establish relevant practices and micro-actions to operationalize and sustain cultural enhancements
  • Sustain Forward Progress - Develop practices to measure, operationalize, and sustain cultural improvements.
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