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Make Meaningful Work provides a new way to learn 21st Century Transferable Soft Skills by applying the Practice Spotting™ Tool to widen perspectives using different lenses, connect the dots and "Take Contextual Micro Actions to Insert Meaning into Moments that Matter" to move from "Sleepwalking to Sparkle".

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  1. Are your actions aligned and authentic with your values?
  2. Does your team have a strong and adaptable value proposition?
  3. Does your organisation's values integrate with the community?


  1. Are you leading a life that suits you? 
  2. Is your team leading by embodiment? 
  3. Is your organisation leading the industry and community with humanity?


  1. Are you aware of your behaviours? 
  2. Do your team members treat each other with respect? 
  3. Does your organisation care about the people inside and outside of and act upon the words?

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